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Transformed At Last!! the Legendary Super Saiyan WORKOUT 4b.png

Movement Standard.

Barbell Complex:

Hang Power Clean - Deadlift barbell up, lower barbell to knees then power clean barbell into front rack.

Front Squat - In front rack squat below parallel.

Hang Squat Clean - From front rack lower barbell to hips, then knees. Clean the barbell into a full depth squat, and standing it up for a successful lift.


From a standing position with hips and knees at full lockout, the athlete will drop to the floor and their chest must make contact with the floor before jumping back up to a full lockout standing position and complete the rep with an overhead clap.



On 3, 2, 1 go!


At the 7 minute mark of workout 4a athletes may load the barbell for their first heavy complex attempt. 

Athletes may help each other load barbells, collars must be used.

At minute 10, Perform as many Burpees as possible in 1 minute.

One Athlete doing burpees and may tag out with athlete 2 at any time, if athlete 2 was counted out from 4a they may now help with burpees.

• 1 Burpee rep = 1 kg towards team total

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