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Divisions                        Wall Ball      Kettlebells
Sc Female (s)               6kg                  2x8kgs
Sc Male (s)                   9kg                   2x12kgs
Sc Mixed                       6/9kg              2x8/12kgs
Rx Mixed                      6/9kg              2x12/16kgs
Rx Female (s)             6kg                   2x12kgs
Rx Male (s)                  9kg                  2x16kgs

Movement Standard.

Air Squats:

Hips below knees.

Synchro will be at full extension of both athletes.

Wall Balls:

Air squat standard applies.

Female target 9 foot.

Male target 10 foot.

Wallball must hit center of the target.



On 3, 2, 1 go!

*Partner is in a kettlebell overhead hold. If partner drops overhead hold, wall ball shots stops until the athlete is back in an overhead position.

Round 6 is your tie breaker:

MAX Air squats Synchronized.

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