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1 100-Times Super-Gravity.png

Divisions                        Barbell
Sc Female (s)              100kgs
Sc Male (s)                   120kgs
Sc Mixed                      120kgs
Rx Mixed                     140kgs
Rx Female (s)            120kgs
Rx Male (s)                 140kgs

Movement Standard.


Both team members will pull the barbell from the floor.

Both team members must have knees & hips locked out.

Barbell must not be bounced off the floor.


Each athlete must round the markers at each way point.

Time will be taken when both athletes return to their barbell.



On 3, 2, 1 go! Your team will begin 9 partner deadlifts, then out for your 400m run.

This round has a tie break score.  

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