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Shirley Penu

My first taste of working out! I died but I came back for more because I felt comfortable with the group and trainer! Love your work Des! Grateful to be part of StrengthTech I have learnt so much and hurt just as much too.

Amy Karena

It's one of the hardest things I have done in my life and it's also the best. A lot of sweat and hard work. Des is with you every step of the way.

Sera Churchward-Isaaka

Nothing is impossible with the right encouragement, right attitude and right people surrounding you!! Awesome achievements by many and many more to come!! Nothing but 100% for StrengthTech!! Shot Des....your teachings, your approachable and love for what you do shows in your work and the results I have seen!! 

Chantel Matthews-Perewiti

Inspiring trainers, inviting atmosphere, strong presence. Loving my sessions at StrengthTech.

Inspiring trainers, inviting atmosphere, strong presence. Loving my sessions at StrengthTech.
Chantel Matthews-Perewiti

Des is a fantastic trainer and a strong role model for our team.  He can relate to our goals and believes that we can conquer them.
I love training with Strength Tech, the workouts are challenging and exciting with a great range that suits everyone's fitness level. I am proud to be a part of this wonderful team who train hard, support each other and also have fun, and Des as our trainer to keep us grounded and motivated.

Melinda Lokeni

Des is an amazing trainer who has traveled that road and walks the talk.  He runs structured sessions and always offers support. He is very motivational and knows what he is talking about. Des pushes you to do better than before to reach new goals and then smash them. He knows your abilities and works with that. The Strength Tech Crew are an awesome group of people each there for their own reasons for being there and are very supportive.

If anyone had of told me last year that I would be doing all these sets and Power lifting I would have laughed at them. Now I look forward to it. This is an ongoing journey, not bad for a 42 year old Mother of three, Grandmother of 3 and a half. It will only get harder and that's the best part.

Amber George

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