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Six Weeks Out Transformation Wieghtloss

What is your why?

If you answered 'not sure' or 'I don't know' think, what if one day you were told you were not allowed to walk anymore, play sports or be active with your family.  It's only when we are restricted from these activities we realize that we should not take things for granted.

Do you take you health & fitness for granted?

During the SIX WEEKS OUT journey YOU will need to be committed both physically and mentally.  You will be provided with all the tools and support to guide you through to reach your goals.

SIX WEEKS OUT has been redefined & made a much more attainable yet intensive program that will kick start your health & fitness journey. 

Check out our transformations

Entry Costs: $350 non-members

  • Weigh In - Body Fat Testing

  • Before/After Photos

  • Personalized Meal Plans

  • StrengthTech Tee or Singlet

  • Access to all classes on the StrengthTech timetable during the six weeks

  • Access to special pricing for Supplements/Meals

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