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It is proven that training in a team environment can fast track your results to a leaner, stronger, fitter You.

STfit - This class will challenge you physically & mentally, a combination of Kettle bells, Body weight, ZUU, & Barbell movements.  Every class is varied and guaranteed to get YOU fitter, stronger, faster, burn body fat & build lean muscle.

STstrong -  Become STRONGER than ever with our strength classes! Squat - Bench Press - Dead lift is our foundation movements for strength. This class will teach you how to lift weights safely with correct technique & a great opportunity to identify any weaknesses you may have.



For sport specific or personal development goals. Private Technical Training sessions are highly recommended for the novice trainer to the elite athlete.

  •  1 Hour Private Technical Training Session 

  •  Technical Correction 

  •  Auckland Based Appointments Only



Looking for a customized training program to achieve your strength and fitness goals?
I have proven experience for weight loss, building muscle, strength and of course cardiovascular fitness.

  • Customized 4/6 Week Training Cycle 

  •  Customized for Your Personal Goals 

  •  Online Support



You cannot out train poor nutrition, accelerate your results in the gym with a customized nutrition plan tailored to your goals.

  • 6 Week Nutritional Program 

  •  Customized for Your Personal Goals 

  •  Online Support

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