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Start Date: Sat 17th September
End Date: Sat 10th December
  • 12 weeks of training to improve your body composition to a        lower body fat percentage.  

  • The intention is to improve overall strength and fitness over the 12 weeks to gain the skills and confidence to showcase hard work in a functional fitness competition held at StrengthTech NZ.

  • Pairs Competition - MM, FF, MF

Competition Day
Sat 10th December 2022

Division Standards

Screenshot 2022-08-28 17.04.02.png

Scoring System

There will be two part scoring.

1.  Transformation based on body fat percentage as a team.

2.  Points based on placing of the Final Form Competition.

Prizes for 1st, 2nd & 3rd Placings.

Payment Details

Non Members $360 per person

Members or Comp Entry only $120 per person ​ ​


Non members will have a 12 week membership to StrengthTech Gym classes, booking classes via the members app. ​


Following registration each team will receive further information for weighing in. Not refunds if you are unable to complete the challenge.

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