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Luke Anderson

The "6 weeks out" challenge with Des at StrengthTech was a great kick start for me to lose 11.5 kg. The nutrition advice was easy to follow and kept nice and simple. It was a great reminder on what foods I needed to cut from my life. The classes were great as it was non stop for the 45 minutes which is what I need to drop the weight fast. So happy with my results after 6 weeks as you can see in my photos. Would happily recommend this program.


Transformation StrengthTech Six Weeks Out
Transformation StrengthTech Six Weeks Out

Elaine Karena

I have been a member of StrengthTech since March 2016, Six weeks out would be the first challenge I would commit to and complete. I made the decision to sign up in order to change the bad eating habits I had. As cliche as it sounds, a New Year’s resolution of mine was to eat healthy and exercise.

For over five years I have carried a wrist injury which has always held me back from pushing myself when lifting or completing exercises that require me to use my wrist, and because of this I lost a lot of muscle.

Sticking to the meal plan with temptation around me was challenging and coming to StrengthTech in the evenings was definitely a workout! However, persistence paid off and my injury was not going to stop me this time.

At the end of the six-weeks, I saw change in myself, not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally as well. I now feel healthier and find that I have more energy. The six-week challenge allowed me to regain the muscle and tone I had lost through restricting my exercise.

Having the ability to contact Des when I needed support was awesome, the weigh in’s and the support he provides is what you need to push yourself through the six weeks. I think now coming out of the six weeks, I face my biggest challenge, which is trying to stay clear of my bad eating habits, and trying to avoid the junk foods I used to love.

Transformation StrengthTech Six Weeks Out
Transformation StrengthTech Six Weeks Out
Transformation StrengthTech Six Weeks Out

Melinda Lokeni

I needed something to kick start 2017 and 6 Weeks Out was perfect. It helped me to shed unwanted kilos and I have gotten fitter, stronger and leaner. It was a commitment I was willing to make, and even though it was only for 6 weeks, it is now a lifetime commitment. I am very happy and proud of my results. So thanks Des and like you said, "stay with the program it works!

Transformation StrengthTech Six Weeks Out
Transformation StrengthTech Six Weeks Out
Transformation StrengthTech Six Weeks Out

Elena Johns

It is so important as a mum to invest in yourself & be a little selfish by making time for what makes you feel good. I've always loved training, fitness & keeping a relatively clean approach on nutrition. But the sugar and alcohol binging and takeaways one or two times a week was undoing everything I was trying to set out to do. The guidance and support with Des at StrengthTech and his 12 week program was the best decision I've made for my health journey. After my second baby I found myself 18kgs over weight. I was never in a hurry to lose the weight but I was keen to get the fitness levels back to how they had been prior to pregnancy and fit all the clothes I had packed away as the weight snuck on.

The 12 week challenge takes commitment, requires consistency and allows you to push yourself through mental and physical hurdles. Most importantly you do not starve! you just learn to be smarter in your choices, and you don't have to train excessively you just learn to train more productively (I hardly focused on cardio as his sessions were enough). The tools that StrengthTech has given me are what I will continue to practice as they have become habits. That is the biggest reward from being a part of the program. The overall weight loss and changes you make in your appearance is just the bonus.

Within the StrengthTech team you feel a part of a family who encourage and support each other to push your limits and make you feel empowered (something many women struggle with). What's truly a great reflection on the approach that Des has towards his clients and members is that so many have joined and stayed. He may put you through your paces, and you may want to cry sometimes (yes there have been tears) but you walk away from each ST experience knowing you turned up and you did it. That feeling is what brings me back time and time again and I'm proud to be a part of the ST family now 😊 I believe I am a better mum and wife through this experience as the energy levels have grown and I am more invested in my energy on my family.

Junior Samuels

"Those photos? They don't even begin to describe the changes that happened in me in those 12 Weeks of the challenge. Mentally, Physically, Emotionally, I'm a new person. I am stronger than I ever thought I could be! Though still shy, I've made huge strides, and am more confident than I've ever been.

I'm walking taller, talking prouder, and smiling wider. I had to overcome a lot of battles to make it through: Shift work, family, training. Just to name a few.

I lost a lot more than my jiggly ass and inches around my waist, and I gained even more in return that's simply not quantifiable. It's been a hell of a journey, and I'm sure not done yet, but if this is what I can accomplish in 12 short weeks, there's nothing holding me back now!"

Full credits to Des and the team at StrengthTech for the endless love and support throughout the whole ordeal.

Steve Herewini

What an awesome journey it was! Went from thinking nah you can't do this to now thinking I can do anything...

I went into this challenge a little worried about the food side of things cause I just like to eat what's in front of me lol, the diet experience was a life changer not only for me but for my friends and family.

My work mates laughed at me saying that it won't last long bro to saying wow you looking good/skinny bro lol... then noticing they starting to eat similar to me as they had seen the changes/results Ive been getting just from simply eating cleaner.

I never thought that I could change the way my body looked until meeting Des Fuiono. Des believed in not only me but all whom took on this challenge and helped us achieve things we may not have done on our own.


I'm blown away with the results that I got from the challenge and definitely something I will continue on with! To anyone else that wants to give it a go it is well worth it!!! I would do it again!!!

Transformation StrengthTech Six Weeks Out
Transformation StrengthTech Six Weeks Out
Transformation StrengthTech Six Weeks Out
Transformation StrengthTech Six Weeks Out
Transformation StrengthTech Six Weeks Out
Transformation StrengthTech Six Weeks Out

Zion Leota

Before i went into this 12 week challenge i was highly doubting myself that i wouldn't complete it..i definitely proved myself that i cant give up on anything until you really give it a good crack. Surround yourself with good people and you can achieve anything...
12 weeks was a hell of a journey...dieting was a big part and i couldn't have done that without the help of my family, my chef Lanes. My change in eating has completely changed the way i feel i have a lot more energy also feel  lighter on my feet..can run around without my stomach bouncing up and down.

Big shout out to the family that stood by me on this journey..without yous i wouldn't have done it..big thanks to the StrengthTech family for the love n support..

Transformation StrengthTech Six Weeks Out
Transformation StrengthTech Six Weeks Out
Transformation StrengthTech Six Weeks Out

Lisa Weir

I have been a member of many different gyms over the years and, over this time, I have signed up and completed a number of different challenges.  What I found with the 6 week challenge was that it was very achievable unlike others I’d done where I struggled due to the lengthy time frames. My goal on this particular challenge was not so much to drop weight but more to remove unwanted body fat which I did and was completely blown away with the 2% drop in such a short period of time.  Strengthtech gym has a great family feel about it and the support from both Des and Shar is second to none… they definitely know their stuff and both having walked the walk you can guarantee that results will be forthcoming so those who sign up. 

Transformation StrengthTech Six Weeks Out
Transformation StrengthTech Six Weeks Out
Transformation StrengthTech Six Weeks Out

Seraphine Churchwood-Isaaka

"Strength doesn't come from what you can do, it comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn't".  The last 6 weeks have been not only a physical change in my body but the biggest mental shift I have had in the last 10+ years.  Majority of my adulthood Iv been self conscious and not happy with my weight or myself.  I'm not a vocal person at all so it wasn't known to those close to me but deep down I knew where I was going wrong.  I lost over 8 kilos in 6 weeks and can't ever remember feeling this good! I couldn't be prouder of myself.  I am going to try my very hardest to stay on this journey, the challenge hasn't finished and I'm still hungry for this sort of "Sera".  The challenge for me actually starts now!  Changing my mindset was the hardest,  it wasn't just giving up treats it was making the decision whether or not I wanted the change, to lose the weight, grow the confidence within myself and to stop making excuses.  A massive thank you goes to Des and Shar for the push and encouragement and constant guidance.  To my hubby, family and my Strength Tech crew who stood by "Team Two" every step of the way thank you!  For those starting their journey on the next challenge...get your family on board with your change!    Do you! You and your goals are important! Opportunity may only knock once but temptation leans on your door bell! So to anyone reading this when you hear the knock run to the door!! #SIXWEEKSOUT #LIFEGOALS

Transformation StrengthTech Six Weeks Out
Transformation StrengthTech Six Weeks Out
Transformation StrengthTech Six Weeks Out

Rebecca Lowery

I had no motivation to exercise, I had no self-confidence and was eating whatever I wanted.
These are the main reasons I wanted to join the ST 6 week challenge as I knew I needed to change my ways and my thinking. Over the past 4 years I have really struggled to find motivation to exercise and stick to eating healthy. From previously having a somewhat physical lifestyle playing sport 3 times a week and exercising regularly to all of a sudden nothing due a series of serious knee operations I had no motivation to get back into the gym and when I did it was minimal effort and more of a chore.
The 6 week challenge was definitely a mental challenge for me as I had to change my mental thinking to food to what my body needed and not what I wanted. And boy did I see the difference! Out with the Mocha’s and In with the Long Blacks. I was no longer craving bad foods and had so much more energy from the good foods I was eating. (All prepped without a kitchen as was getting renovated). The challenge taught me a lot about myself and what I can achieve when I set my mind to it.
The 6 week challenge was the turning point to getting my body back on track and I am truly amazed at the transformation that can occur in only 6 weeks with good training, eating guidelines and a supportive team. The support from Des, Shar, the 6 week challenge team and all member of the ST gym was truly amazing and I could not have done it without the support from everyone. It was a little daunting coming into a new gym but everyone has been so supportive and I now enjoy going to the gym and for that I am very thankful! Thanks ST for finding my spark in exercise again and guiding me in the right direction for healthy choices. The best is yet to come!

Transformation StrengthTech Six Weeks Out
Transformation StrengthTech Six Weeks Out
Transformation StrengthTech Six Weeks Out

Shirley Penu

I've done quite a few challenges since starting my journey to becoming healthy and most important in my eyes was to lose weight! I'm so glad that I took on this SIX WEEKS OUT challenge, I fully prepared myself to go all out and to trust the process! Forever great full for support and guidance from Des and Shar who have been there for me since the start of my journey and the last 6 weeks of my constant questions! Massive shout out to my family for sticking by me and cheering me on! Mad love and support from my Strength Tech Family! 
For anyone who is wanting to change their life style, I highly recommend this programme! @ SIX WEEKS OUT

Transformation StrengthTech Six Weeks Out
Transformation StrengthTech Six Weeks Out

Dave Cooper

Why did I join SIX WEEKS OUT?
What was difficult?
What did I enjoy most from SIX WEEKS OUT?
What were my goals going into SIX WEEKS OUT and did I accomplish it?
What would I do different next time?
Would I recommend SIX WEEKS OUT and why?
I jumped on board with SIX WEEKS OUT because I needed to get back into regular training and good eating habits after an indulgent Xmas break.
The hardest part for me at first was the meal prep cooking all my meals for the next day. Then about half way came the mental challenge, knowing there has been a lot of commitment made. Financially you have committed so you don’t want to see that money wasted, the commitment your family has made in supporting you and the commitment Des and Shar have made to get you through and reach your goals so you don’t want to let anyone down. And then came the last 2 weeks. This is where everything gets turned upside down and shows how honest you have been to yourself in training and diet for those first 4 weeks.
What I enjoyed most was training at ST (StrengthTech gym). There are set classes for each day but the classes are never the same always something new. All within an environment where you train to your own level but everyone supports each other.
I had great results at the end of my SIX WEEKS OUT challenge and recommend anyone who needs that extra push to speak with Des and share your, Why? and he will show you the How! @ SIX WEEKS OUT



A picture says a million words.
But mine represents courage, determination and love.
COURAGE to do something to better myself, DETERMINATION to keep going and LOVE, is to love and accept my being.
This has been an AMAZING transformation in all aspects of life
It wouldn't have been possible without the support, teachings and guidance received by Strengthtech. I have just completed my 2nd 6 weeks out and the wealth of knowledge i received, from whole food eating to maximising my ability mentally and physically will not only benefit myself but my entire family.
Overall I have lost over 11kgs but gain a whole heap of confidence. The environment created and set at ST is of ACCEPTANCE and Non-judgmental. So you come as you are and explore what strength you have and cementing your inner strength
Trainers at ST are supportive and very encouraging. Best thing about them is that they walk the talk as they too have been in a similar situation as I was. LOVE ST with a passion would highly recommend them for everyone and anyone.
Vae Cummings Tanuvasa @ StrengthTech



Before I started on the six weeks out challenge I was really struggling mentally, emotionally, spiritually and it was showing through my body physically. 
I just had a baby and was struggling with postnatal depression and I didnt know how I was going to get through the day.
I decided to get started on the six weeks out challenge and along with my Nutrition program I was able to drop 6kgs gain a lot of confidence, become stronger physically and spiritually and I have overcome the enemies in my head.
By far Strength tech has been the best Gym for me. The positive environment, the people, The trainers are the best. They are cheering me on and are with me as I cross the finish line.
Thank you Strength Tech
#Happywifey @ StrengthTech

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